The Armada family creates environments in which our newly recruited employees are treated fairly, transparently, and given them the right to say and demonstrate their potential. It adopts a management approach that works with all units with a strategic business partner approach, continuously analyses the company and employee needs, creates value and rapidly adapt to changing conditions.
It is treated fairly on employee wages and all other rights.
Training and development programs are organized and training policies are established to increase the knowledge, skills and competencies of employees. In addition, potential assessment, backup, rotation and career mapping activities are carried out by evaluating the potentials of our employees within their current roles and supporting them with development opportunities by increasing their added value. There is no discrimination among employees.
It takes measures to ensure that there is no discrimination based on religion, language, race and sex and that employees are protected against physical, mental and emotional maltreatment.
A safe working environment and conditions for occupational health and safety regulations are provided for employees.


Send your resume to info@armadavarlik.com to be a part of this family and benefit from our career opportunities.